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Attendee Policies

Hello HanaCon Heroes!

As the gates to our enchanted realm swing wide open, where the vibrant worlds of anime and Japanese culture converge, we’re here to ensure that our shared adventure is as joyous as it is safe for every participant. Should you encounter any mythical challenges or require assistance deciphering any arcane information, our noble Public Safety and Staff Sentinels are at your service to guide and protect you on this epic journey.

Badge of Honor:
Badges/Registrations are nonrefundable and nontransferable.
Consider your badge the key to unlocking an epic adventure at HanaCon. Display it proudly above your waist, visible to all, as a knight would display their coat of arms. Should it be misplaced, a quest back to your abode or place of rest will be necessary to retrieve it.

The Clear Mind Decree - Alcohol-Free Sanctuary:
Our kingdom thrives as a safe haven, free from the influence of alcohol, ensuring a welcoming environment for adventurers young and old. Let’s weave tales of camaraderie and bravery, fueled by the spirit of the festival, not spirits from a bottle.

Cosplay Corner: Armory Approval Required:
Cosplayers, bring forth your imaginative armaments for approval by our Public Safety and Staff Sentinels at the Cosplay Corner. Real weapons are banished from our lands, and those resembling reality too closely will not be permitted. Let your gear declare your creativity, not raise alarms for safety.

Dance Hall Pact: Bag Inspections by the Gatekeepers:
Wishing to bring your mystical satchel to the dance? Our Public Safety and Staff Sentinels will inspect it at the entrance to ensure it contains no items of mischief. Remember, while bags can carry your essentials, they must not become instruments of chaos in the revelry.

Fellowship of Service Animals:
True service animals, those noble beasts aiding their humans, are welcomed alongside you. Emotional support animals, while valuable, are asked to stay within the realm of your homestead. Service animals must be leashed and under control, in harmony with all attendees, as decreed by their loyal humans.

Notice Board for Epic Announcements and Quests:
Share your legendary tales or calls to adventure on our designated announcement boards in our virtual kingdoms and groups. Our venue’s walls are reserved for the artistry and history of HanaCon, not for postings of parchment and paper.

Wearing Your Wardrobe Wonders:
Your attire for HanaCon is more than just clothing; it's a statement of your enthusiasm and spirit for the fandoms we all cherish. We encourage you to dive deep into the heart of your favorite anime, manga, or aspect of Japanese culture to inspire your look. Whether you're a seasoned cosplayer crafting an intricate ensemble or a first-time attendee wanting to show love for your favorite character through a themed T-shirt, all are welcome.

Guidelines for a Harmonious Adventure:

Family-Friendly Realm:
Remember, HanaCon is a gathering for adventurers of all ages. Your costume should be suitable for a public setting, respectful of the diverse audience that includes young sages and seasoned warriors alike.

Cosplay Armor and Armaments:
While we celebrate the creativity and craftsmanship that goes into cosplay weapons, they must be clearly non-realistic and safe. Our Public Safety and Staff Sentinels will be available to inspect and approve these items at the Cosplay Corner. Real weapons or items that could cause confusion or concern are strictly prohibited.

Magical Modesty:
Costumes that might be considered overly revealing or not in keeping with the spirit of inclusivity and respect for all attendees should be rethought. If you're unsure if your costume meets the event's guidelines, feel free to reach out to us before the event for guidance.

The Right Steps, Picking Perfect Con Shoes:
For your safety and the preservation of our enchanted venue, footwear is required at all times. Whether they be boots fit for a trek through Middle Earth or sandals for a stroll around Tōkyō, ensure your feet are protected as you embark on this day of exploration and fun.

Headgear and Masks:
While masks and elaborate headgear can be an integral part of a costume, we ask that you ensure they do not completely obscure your vision or face when navigating the event space. This is to ensure both your safety and the safety of those around you.

Rite of Passage, Wristband of Age:
Adventures within our mature realms require a wristband, obtainable with a valid ID. These bands are a personal mark of your questing age and must remain with their rightful owner.

Twilight Tranquility: Respect the Quiet:
As evening falls, please lower your voices in the hotel, fostering a peaceful environment for all guests to rest and recharge for the next day's adventures. Remember to be mindful and courteous to our neighbors as you move from the venue to your accommodations or homes, embodying HanaCon's ethos of respect and community.

Snapshot Sorcery:
As you document the vibrant world of HanaCon through your lens, let's keep the anime convention spirit alive without hindering the adventure for others. Aim to photograph in less crowded areas, maintaining clear paths so that every attendee's journey through our anime wonderland remains seamless.

Dance Decorum:
Before hitting the dance floor, make sure our Gate Guardians have checked your bags. Remember, the stage and equipment are off-limits unless you're staff, a guest, performer, or have special permission. Let's keep our celebration smooth and the vibe joyful!

Together, let's embark on a journey through HanaCon, crafting a tale of unity, enchantment, and memories in a Celebration of Anime, Art, & Asian Pop culture to be cherished for ages to come.

Eagerly awaiting our shared adventures,

The HanaCon Team

The Code of Conduct

HanaCon’s Promise for a Respectful Environment

HanaCon is dedicated to creating an environment where respect, dignity, and decency flourish. We are committed to a harassment-free experience for everyone, celebrating diversity and fostering a space where all attendees—on-site and online—are treated with respect. By joining HanaCon, individuals agree to follow this Code of Conduct, adhere to venue policies, and obey all local, state, and federal laws.

We emphasize the importance of respecting personal boundaries to ensure a welcoming atmosphere for all.

HanaCon adheres to a Zero Tolerance Policy for any form of harassment, which includes, but isn't limited to:

- Stalking
- Intimidation
- Offensive verbal comments
- Physical assault and/or battery
- Threats
- Harassing or non-consensual photography or recording
- Disruption of sessions or events
- Bathroom policing
- Unwanted physical contact
- Unwelcome physical attention
- Sexually explicit or provocative actions or signage
- Display of hate symbols related to race, color, national origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, and more

Violations of this Code at HanaCon will prompt immediate action, including possible expulsion without a refund. This policy applies to everyone at HanaCon events.

Reports of harassment can be made to any event staff or security member. We take all reports seriously and will provide support, including contacting law enforcement, offering a safe place, or providing escorts for those feeling unsafe.

Reporting Violations:
HanaCon takes allegations of misconduct seriously. Anyone experiencing or witnessing behavior that violates our Code is urged to report it as soon as possible to a Public Safety team member, or at designated areas like Operations or the Information Desk. Reports can be made verbally or in writing, ensuring a prompt and considerate response.

Health Policies

Health, Safety, and Hygiene:

As we eagerly anticipate welcoming you to HanaCon, our dedication to ensuring a safe, inclusive, and enjoyable environment for all attendees remains our top priority. In response to the evolving public health landscape, we are implementing comprehensive health, safety, and hygiene policies.

Mask Policy: Optional but Strongly Encouraged
In line with current health guidance, wearing masks at HanaCon is optional but strongly encouraged, particularly in crowded or indoor spaces. We support our attendees in making choices that respect both personal comfort and the collective well-being of the HanaCon community.

Daily Health Vigilance:
We ask that if you are feeling unwell, showing symptoms of COVID-19, or any other communicable illness, please prioritize your health and the safety of others by not attending HanaCon. Consulting a healthcare provider for further guidance is recommended.

COVID-19 Exposure Protocol:
Should you suspect exposure to COVID-19 immediately before or during HanaCon, we urge you to refrain from attending the event and to seek advice from a healthcare professional.

Enhanced Hygiene Measures:
- Hand Sanitization Stations: We will provide hand sanitization stations throughout the venue. Attendees are encouraged to regularly clean their hands.
- Frequent Cleaning: High-touch areas within the venue will undergo frequent cleaning and sanitization to further ensure attendee safety.
- Respiratory Etiquette: We encourage all attendees to follow best practices in respiratory etiquette, such as covering coughs and sneezes.

Health and Safety:
By attending HanaCon, you agree to our Health and Safety Acknowledgement, pledging to adhere to event health-and-safety requirements and recognizing the inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 in any public setting.

- Confirmation that you are not experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms as per CDC guidelines.
- Assurance that you have not been in contact with someone with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 symptoms without completing a quarantine.
- Verification that you are not under any self-quarantine orders.

Proof of Vaccination:
While not a prerequisite for attendance, we encourage full vaccination against COVID-19 for the health and safety of our community.

Event Participation and Compliance:
Admittance may be denied to those unable to meet our health criteria. Non-compliance during the event may necessitate isolation, relocation, or expulsion from the venue at the discretion of HanaCon management.

Staying Updated:
We are committed to staying informed and will adjust our policies as necessary based on guidance from health authorities.

Your cooperation and commitment are vital to ensuring HanaCon is a safe, hygienic, and unforgettable experience for everyone. Thank you for your understanding and support.

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Anime, Art,& Asian Pop Cultural Convention

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