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Join us June 7, 2025, in Silver Spring, MD, For Our First Event!

Nice To Meet You!

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Dragon Tales
Courage the Cowardly Dog
Bart Simpson
 Strawberry Cookie Run

Anime, Art,    Asian & Pop Culture 

Join us for our 1st Party!

HanaCon is an anime convention that celebrates the vibrant world of Anime, the Arts, Asian & Pop culture. Our goal is to provide a safe and inclusive space for individuals to come together, share their passions and explore new interests. 


The idea for HanaCon began over a decade ago in 2010.  During 2020 the plans for HanaCon were delayed, but the planning never stopped from forming the amazing HanaCon Team to forming the company as an official company we have been hard at work putting the pieces of the puzzle together to bring to life this new event!

We offer a wide variety of programming, workshops, and interactive events. Our space is open to all ages and provides a unique opportunity to explore the world of anime, the arts, and Asian culture in an engaging and meaningful way.

Programming Showcase



Cosplay Contest Mask

Explore our show floor photo areas and experience the best of anime, art, and Asian culture. Don't miss out on our highly anticipated cosplay contest and showcase your creative costumes and talent.

Anime Video Icaon



Take a seat and relax with a wide array of anime films and series. Enjoy discovering new favorites and reliving beloved classics in this cozy space.

Dance Icon



Our dance floor buzzes with vibrant musical acts, and cultural organizations bring rich, immersive programs, celebrating diversity in every beat and performance.

Autograph Sessions

From video games to tabletop, have fun and play with friends. Make new friends, compete in thrilling tournaments, and dive into a variety of activities. There's something for everyone to enjoy and experience!



Shop for anime merchandise, art original unique creations, and Asian snacks at our vendors booths. Discover new treasures and support small businesses.

Maid Cafe Cupcake



Step into a playful journey inspired by Japan's maid cafes, enjoying snacks, performances, and games in a fun-filled atmosphere provided by our friends at

Pixel Pop Maid Cafe!

Gamer's Lounge

From video games to tabletop, have fun and play with friends. Make new friends, compete in exciting tournaments, and explore a variety of activities. There's something for everyone to enjoy!

 Panels & Workshops

Learn from and interact with experts and influencers in the anime and art community. Attend our Q&A panels and ask your burning questions.

Camera Icon



Seize the opportunity for a free photo session with a professional photographer, capturing your cosplay in stunning detail or taking a commemorative photo to cherish the memories!

...And  More!

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Ocean City Comic Con
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